Chris Robinson

Owner & Professional DJ

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Chris Robinson became involved in music early on. Chris, aka "Big C," attended the School for Creative Performing Arts in the 4th grade. As a trombone player, he was involved in five different bands and orchestras. He was considered one of the best players in the state of Ohio. From classical to hip-hop, Chris was blessed with the abilities to understand music in a unique way.

Chris launched his DJing career in 2007 as a senior in college. After earning his bachelor's degree from Shawnee State University, Chris made an easy transition to being a top act in Ohio playing alongside some of the best in the world including Kid Capri and MICK.  His versatile style has enabled him to do nearly 200 wedding in just 4 years. With a voice that many will say is built for public speaking, Chris did  College Radio for 2 years and still does online radio today. Chris resides in Pickerington, Ohio.
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